PrivateServer supports many different SMS gateway to send installation and activation messages via SMS.  In order to use Automatic Activation you need to subscribe one of these services, get your credentials and then configure it in PrivateServer .

You can reach the SMS Gateway configuration page by clicking on Message Gateway under the Client provisioning menu.

figure 1. SMS Gateway list

Each SMS gateway has its own HTTP API, which are different and its way to authenticate the user. Typical settings are:

  • HTTP/S URL: the web service URL
  • Credentials: username/password or secret key
  • Originator: depending on SMS gateway it could be a phone number or a text, shown as the SMS sender
figure 2.

If you want to configure one specific SMS Gateway you have to click on the configuration icon, the one shown in figure 2., which sits at the end of each row in the form.

figure 3. Configuration panel for

Customized Gateway SMS

figure 4. Customized SMS Gateway

Here is how to configure a personalized Originator (Sender SMS):

Choose from Client Provisioning, Message Gateway and edit ASPSMS.COM sms gateway.

Insert the following entries:


figure 5. ClickATell configuration

Orange SMS

figure 6. Orange SMS configuration


figure 7. Orange SMS configuration

Nexmo is our privileged provider for delivering Text messages in the United States. That's the reason why in its configuration form you can read a double entry on the "originator": 

  1. worldwide
  2. U.S.A only

As a matter of fact in order to deliver text messages to an US mobile number there are some pre-requisites to be match:

  • Originator has to be numeric only
  • Originator has to be a long US number (not a short one)
  • Originator has to be a 2-way number (meaning it can both send and receive text messages)

If some of the above pre-requisites is not observed, then the message could not be delivered. 

PrivateServer would automatically use the "U.S.A. only" originator number for any text to be delivered to mobile numbers using a "+1" prefix. Of course the "worldwide" originator would be used for any other text delivery.

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