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  • PSAM 1.1 DVD-ROM installation
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The DVD-ROM installation is pretty straightforward. You need to prepare via BIOS your server to boot from the CD-ROM device.

Then insert the PrivateServer DVD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive and reboot your server.

The bootstrap will wait one minute if you don't press the Enter button and then the installation procedure will start automatically.

You just need to wait until the procedure ends and the CD-ROM drive ejects the disk. The server will reboot and the bootstrap will pick up the Hard-Disk drive to start.

When the bootstrap phase is over, you have the console login ready and this means the PrivateServer is installed and running, ready for your preliminary configurations.

Remember to remove the PrivateServer DVD-ROM from the driver before closing it again and to change the boot sequence in BIOS to avoid accidental reinstallation that would reset any configuration you are going to set


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