1.1 Installation media

The PrivateServer can come to you both as a dvd-rom or a virtual machine file. In the latter case the appliance is pre-installed. In the latter case PrivateWave supports VMWare ESXi Vsphere 5 and upper versions. The virtual machine itself could run on other virtualization products as well, but we neither suggest or support them.

1.2 Suggested Hardware 

Please refer to Operational Requirements section 1.3 "Server".

1.3 Network features

PrivateGSM must keep an always on connection to the PrivateServer with SIP/TLS over a TCP channel. It exchange keep-alive packet once every 10/20 minutes depending on the mobile platform.

The Firewall managing the connection of the server and of the client must allow TCP idle connection of at least 21 minutes.

The typical timeout is 30-60 minutes, but in some environment this default value is lowered for security/performance reasons.


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