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Professional version of PrivateGSM provides some additional features that allows your contacts to easily try the application, simplifying installation and deployment process.

Inviting a contact to use PrivateGSM Professional

You can invite a contact from your phone book to use PrivateGSM. The contact will receive a text message with a link, inviting him to install the software.


From the main screen select "Invite others". Select a contact: invitation message is being sent

figure 1. Select Invite others
figure 2. Select a contact
figure 3. Sending SMS


Tap the Invite icon (bottom left corner) and select a contact. Confirm sending the invitation

figure 4. Tap invite icon
figure 5. Select a contact
figure 6. Send SMS


From the main screen tap"Invite others". Select a contact: invitation message is being sent

figure 7. Select Invite others
figure 8. Select contact
figure 9. Invitation SMS sent

Accepting an invitation

The invited contact needs only to click on the link in the message. If his mobile device is compatible the installation process will start. To accept an invitation to install PrivateGSM, tap on the link and the installation will be launched.

figure 10. BlackBerry
figure 11. iPhone
figure 12. Android

The "Invite others" option is available only for the Professional version, in order to allow users to build a contact network to make secure calls.


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