To access to Clock and Language configuration page, you have to click on the "Date Time/Locale" entry in the main menu.

figure 1. Entry in the main menu

Clock configuration

When you need to troubleshoot or analyze issues, you cope with devices' clocks and server's clock: it is critical that PrivateServer 's clock is properly set


Manual configuration

Manual clock configuration is possible from command line, accessing via SSH. Syntax for date command follows pattern MMDDhhmm[[CC]YY][.ss], eg to set clock at 2-nd of July 2012 4:35pm, you use: 

# date 070216352012

NTP Synchronization

PrivateServer can be synchronized with an NTP server. It is possible to configure up to 2 NTP servers.

figure 2. insert the NTP servers address

After configuration you can immediately test if NTP server works properly

figure 3. test the NTP servers

Now it is possible to set the time zone of PrivateServer .

figure 4. set time zone of server

Language Configuration

You can set up the language for you PrivateServer . This setting defines which language to speak for any Audio Message played to SIP trunks and to deskphones. Audio messages heard in PrivateWave are played locally, so they follow the device's locale, not the language chosen on PrivateServer .


The default language is English

To access the language configuration just press on the "Language" tab besides the "Date/Time" one.

figure 5. Language Configuration

To set the new language you just have to select one in the "Language" drop down menu and then confirm your choice pressing the "Update" button.

figure 6. Language Menu

A warning shows you need to restart asterisk and the setting has been applied:

figure 7. Language updated



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