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Page: [ANDROID] Bad call quality with PrivateServer echo service
On this page Symptoms On Android device, a call with PrivateServer echo service has a very bad call quality Cause Unknown. Workaround Not available. Resolution In progress.
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Page: [ANDROID] Bad wifi quality on HTC devices
On this page Symptoms With HTC devices, over WiFi connection there is a poor call quality. It happens only on WiFi network. On 3G - 2G network the call quality is excellent. Cause By default, on recen…
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Page: [ANDROID] Contacts present in SIM are not shown in PrivateWave address book
On this page Symptoms System address book shows more contacts than PrivateGSM's address book Cause System address book is configured to shows contacts present both in SIM card and in device memory. Pr…
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Page: [BLACKBERRY] An incoming call rings but PrivateWave is not in foreground
On this page Symptoms Sometimes on a blackberry device  a new incoming call rings, but PrivateWave is not in foreground. So it’s impossible to accept the call Cause Unknown. Workaround Long-press Blac…
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Page: [BLACKBERRY] Blackberry 9360 doesn't send audio with AMR 4.75
On this page Symptoms A secure call with Blackberry Curve 9360 doesn't send audio with AMR narrowband (4.75 kbps) , despite of the "Narrow Band" PrivateGSM config value Cause This is a firmware bug, s…
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Page: [BLACKBERRY] High battery consumption
On this page Symptoms Battery power exhausts in a few hours, a full recharge is not enough to cover a normal workday and a recharge is required before evening  Cause Under particular network condition…
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Page: [BLACKBERRY] Initial wizard doesn't work if radio is OFF
On this page Symptoms On a Blackberry device with OS 7.0, if the initial wizard is done with radio OFF (3G - 2G connection), the wizard does not work and does not configure network and sip account, ev…
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Page: [BLACKBERRY] PrivateWave doesn't connect with radio OFF
On this page Symptoms On a Blackberry device with OS 7.0, if PrivateWave starts with radio OFF (3G - 2G connection), the software does not connect to SIP server, even if a WiFi connection is available…
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Page: [IPHONE] PrivateWave does not connect anymore
On this page Symptoms PrivateWave stops working and does connect anymore. Forcing a reconnection (kill app and restart) does not solve the issue. Cause On recent version of iOS (5.x), depending on mob…
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