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The ZRTP protocol has been extensively peer reviewed since it's first specifications published in 2006.
In this page we would like to collect the most relevant analysis that have been done in evaluating and auditing ZRTP protocol.
If you know other papers referring ZRTP please write us to include it to the list.
Formal verification proving the security of ZRTP DH modeThe ZRTP Protocol - Analysis of the Diffie-Hellman mode
Riccardo Bresciani
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
An evaluation of ZRTP protocol showing resistance to most cryptographic attacksZRTP Protocol - Security ConsiderationsRiccardo Bresciani
Ecole Normale Superiore De Cachan, France
Independent forensics analysis on how ZRTP secure voice communicationsForensics Analysis of zFone and ZRTPDetica, Information Intelligence
London, UK
Coverage of possible attack scenarios if authentication is not properly managedSecurity and Usability Aspects of Man-In-The-Middle attacks in ZRTPTelecommunication Research Group
University of Vienna, Austria
Research by Nokia showing how to apply ZRTP for securing Mobile communicationsPeer to Peer Security for Mobile Real-Time Communications with ZRTPNokia Research Center, Finland
Analysis on the residual performance impact on using VoIP with signaling and voice encryptionVoIP Networks Performance Analysis with Encryption SystemsGISSIC Investigation Group, Military University Nueva Granada, Bogotà, Colombia
A lot of useful information about ZRTP, it's feature and how it does compare with other security protocols.zFone FAQPhilip Zimmermann, San Francisco, USA

An in depth overview of major Voice Encryption protocols including ZRTPMajor Voice Security protocol ReviewFabio Pietrosanti, Milan, Italy
Early papers showing zFone capabilities in encrypting voice communications with ZRTP protocolzFone: A new approach for securing voice communicationsSamuel Sotillo, East Carolina University, USA
Early papers evaluating different weakness in VoIP protocols, explaining various risk mitigations with ZRTP prptocolInformation Security Issues in Voice over Internet ProtocolJonathan Clark, School of Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA



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