PrivateGSM enables you to make phone conversations securely and in complete privacy on your mobile phone.

PrivateGSM exists in two main editions:

  • PrivateGSM Enterprise can be used on the company network equipped with Enterprise VoIP Security Suite and a locally installed PrivateServer
  • PrivateGSM Professional can be used to try out the software in an easy way. It does not require any server configuration. Once installed on the device PrivateGSM Professional is able to encrypt all incoming and outgoing calls from/to other PrivateGSM users. In other words the software must be installed on both devices of the caller and the called party. PrivateGSM Professional allows you to invite other users to use the system through the "Invite others" feature.

PrivateGSM uses VoIP technology (Voice over IP) and requires Internet access.

This guide provides you a complete overview of all the features and scenarios using both PrivateGSM Enterprise and PrivateGSM Professional.


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