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A list of changes applied since release 3.0 of EVSS documentation:
  • Data Retention
  • Software update via User Interface
  • Package repositories are configurable
  • User management: new users must change their password at the first login
  • Better CDR logging
  • New devices and OS version certified
  • Improved Asterisk debug support
  • Improved troubleshooting documentation
  • Roles and rights: data retention
  • SIP Logs: new view and explanation of the reconciliation

Documentation tree and pictures changed:

  1. Home page description: fig.1 changed
  2. Roles -> data retention: ROLE__RIGHT_BACKUP explained
  3. PSAM 3.2 Software Updates -> new section
  4. added PSAM 2.8 Software Repositories
  5. linked the above in the software updates
  6. PSAM 3.3 Check Server Services -> part about asterisk removed (to be later added again as internal monitoring system explanation)
  7. PSOM 1.0 Accounts and Groups -> images about accounts are updated. Also we added the part about the keep-alive server side

  8. PSAM 2.4 -> added the NAT configuration and the explanation about the global keep-alive option configuration
  9. PSAM 3.2 Software Update ->added the repo management and updates
  10. PSOM 4.0 Logs  -> added the data retention part
  11. PSOM 4.0.1 -> rewritten the SIP logs (both img and text)
  12. PSOM 4.0 Logs -> changed the images about the CDR. Added the description of the fields (i.e. the disposition list has been rewritten)
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