Here are descriptions of the more relevant changes in EVSS 3.1

Platform changes

Added AES-256 support (RFC 6188)

Added compatibility with RFC 6188: audio data can be encrypted with AES-128 or AES-256, depending on endpoints:

  1. PrivateGSM Professional, which uses ZRTP, always used AES-256, as it always did.
  2. PrivateGSM Enterprise clients 11.1 do have support for AES-256 and will take advantage of it.

PrivateGSM changes

Blackberry - Network status notification

A new icon in notification bar constantly inform use if PrivateGSM is currently connected to PrivateServer and ready to receive secure calls.

PrivateServer changes

Data Retention

Starting from this release you can configure the "data retention" policy for different types of historical data. These data will be automatically archived on the file system and thus removed from the operational database.

Administrators can dis/enable data archival and configure the retention period to keep the historical data online. Archived data can be exported/downloaded and removed from PrivateServer.

This version enables by default 1 month of data retention for SIP Sessions data, which are generally useful only for debugging and support purposes: if you want to keep them more time please change your configuration.

Software Update

It is possible to configure RPM package repositories, then verify if any update is available and apply them to PrivateServer via web console.

Server Keepalive to clients

PrivateServer can send periodic keepalive messages to clients, on per account basis. This is especially useful with network equipments or mobile operators that uses a short TCP-idle timeout, even shorter than 10 minutes, which is a critical conditions with iPhone devices.

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