1. Services

Services provided by PrivateServer can be actively monitored. Depending on the type of service different tests are run.

Monitoring processes is not enough to grant that service are actually up and running: PrivateServer run application test to asses its own healthy status.

1.1. VoIP engine

GOAL: Verify that VoIP engine services (SIP over TLS and SRTP) are currently working

Two service accounts are reserved and used to dial an actual secure call between two clients, executing inside the appliance:

  1. caller is executed, connecting with username 601
  2. called is executed, connecting with username 602
  3. caller dials a secure call to account 602
  4. after successful execution of secure call for 10 seconds, call is hanged up and clients disconnect

1.2. Web management console

GOAL: web console manages HTTPS request, down to DMBS connection

This test does an HTTPS requests, to verify that web server can deliver HTTPS responses. The tested URL verify also that application server is currently connected to DBMS.

1.3. SSH management console

GOAL: ssh console is available

This test actually connects to SSH server, to verify that is actually running and working.

1.4. SQL DBMS for internal storage

GOAL: verify status of DBMS

Two types of tests are available:

  • process running
  • DBMS executing queries

2. Machine resources

The following machine resources can be monitored:

  • CPU load
  • Memory usage
  • Disk usage
  • Bandwidth usage


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