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Enterprise Voice Security Suite supports conference rooms: every PrivateWave 's user dials in the conference room number and can listen and talk to other participants. Access to conference rooms can be protected by a PIN number or open only during specific time windows.

It is no possible to define in advance the proper number of user in a conference, because quality of audio depends on many factors

  • the number of participants: every participant can add some noise to the overall call. Despite noise reduction algorithms, both in client and server, it is not possible to completely remove noise. If noise degrades quality, we suggest to temporary mute clients whenever is possible.
  • environment noise: some participants can be in silent rooms or on the street. The amount of noise introduced by them is variable. If noise degrades quality, we suggest to temporary mute clients whenever is possible.
  • server sizing: server's CPU resources should be sized depending on the number of concurrent calls AND audio codec used. In order to properly size your server according to conferencing requirements, refer to Appendix C - Server Sizing: keep in mind that each participants counts - roughly - as half call. For the sake of clarity, a call with 8 participants have the same load on CPU as 4 concurrent calls.

3.1 Conference administrator

All web users with the ROLE_CONFERENCE_ADMIN right are able to manage Conference Rooms. Refer to 3.0 Administrative Roles and Users in order to properly configure web users. It is possible to create ad hoc users for conference administration that can access PrivateServer in order to manage conference rooms. This kind of users has to be created with an email address as the username and the ROLE_CONFERENCE_ADMIN right:

figure 1. Create Conference Admin

Next step is that the user accesses PrivateServer with his email at the following URL: https://<server_FQDN>/conferenceAdmin/login :

figure 2. Conference Admin Login

Once the user is logged in he will receive a secure link to access the Conference Rooms administration page.

3.2 Create

Click on the "Conference Rooms" link in the left sided menu to get the "Conference Room List" page.

figure 3. Conference Room List Page.

Create a new Conference Room clicking on the New Conference Room icon above the List table. 
The Edit Conference Room page will be shown, containing a form like the one below. 

figure 4. Create Conference Room

To correctly create a new conference room just insert into the Name field a number to be called and, if needed, a security pin to be dialled before entering the room. 
Also you can choose a time window to have the room open. The graphical interface is pretty straightforward.

After you've done you can click on the "Update" icon on the page's bottom to commit your setup.

figure 5. New Conference Room listed

You'll be redirected back on the "Conference Room List" page, whom table will show the new room you've just created.

A notice warns you about the operation performed.

3.3 Edit

Click on the room's "Name" field to read again the room's setup.
Then you can change any field and click again on the Setup button. The new values are shown into the Conference Room's table.

figure 6. Edit Conference Room

3.4 Delete

Click on the Name of the Conference Room to go to the Edit Conference Room page. To drop the room just push the Delete button that is placed near the Update one. A pop-up windows will appear asking for confirmation. Select the "Ok" button or just press Enter key on your keyboard to confirm. 
Now the Conference Room List shows no more the deleted Room.

3.5 Manage

A conference administrator can, by accessing PrivateServer with its credentials, view active conferences and related details:

  • phone number associated with conference call
  • number of participants
  • start time and end time in case of scheduled conference

Conference administrator is able to send an invitation link to the conference call to extend the call to other participants clicking on Send Invitation link in conference details view:

figure 7. Send Invitation to Conference

The is sent to the recipient's terminal and, once opened, it automatically activate the PrivateWave client and connect the user to the conference call.

For each conference call, the admin is able to access the detail page clicking on the Details link, where he can see a full list of participants in the conference call, with the possibility of taking actions on them (mute - unmute - kick):

figure 8. Conference Participants

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