New Feature

AND-37 Text search in single chat and groups

AND-25 Add a global media gallery


AND-54 Update Firebase client

AND-36 Automatic download of attachment when enabling PIN

AND-32 Improve Media Gallery

AND-30 Possibility to send request email when the licence expires

AND-28 One-click erase all (history, messages etc.)

AND-26 Media player enhancement

AND-24 Integrate in-app reviews

AND-35 In self-Registration Pin must be mandatory.


AND-63 Pin must be mandatory only when the installation wizard is done by selfregistration

AND-61 Wrong results in text search if attachements are present

AND-57 Background service "mjsip" : avoid service automatic restart

AND-56 Sip connector Null pointer

AND-55 Sometimes the activation wizard fails retrieving licence information. User press End button but licence info are not shown

AND-53 Sometimes the app does not unlock the phone when ringing

AND-49 Issue at the end of self registration procedure

AND-41 Issue with the "Invite" function

AND-38 Issue with messages layout

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