New Feature

AND-17 Settings area review and optimization

AND-8 OTP autocomplete SMS verification code

AND-6 Image rotation


AND-18 Splash Activity for android 12

AND-16 Make app compatible with android 12

AND-4 Call Progress improvement

AND-1 Refactoring startup, wizard ,uimanager,provisioning, self registration


AND-33 Issue with update notification in Android 12

AND-21 Provisioning does start automatically after certiifcate download

AND-19 Issue on app upgrade

AND-15 Issue with the proximity sensor during the call

AND-13 Call ciew remains visible after hung-up

AND-12 Enterprise feature buttons are disaligned

AND-11 Issue on registration with SSL Pinning and remote address book

AND-10 When a group member has not a published key, sent messages remains in "local queue" state

AND-9 Loud speaker issue with Android 12

AND-7 Mute button action during SDES call does not work with the new version of asterisk

AND-3 Privatewave doesn't work with vpn connection

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