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  • [PGDR-1474] - Date-time indication of secure messages should be improved
  • [PGDR-1495] - Reply to a message containing an attachment (quoting the filename)
  • [PGDR-1497] - Collapsed/cumulative notification of groups chat new messages
  • [PGDR-1506] - Contacts interaction (call, msg, exit) from group chat info
  • [PGDR-1541] - Images should be compressed to improve performance before sending them as attachments
  • [PGDR-1581] - Delete of chats directly from chat history
  • [PGDR-1601] - Attached files from the phone gallery must be saved in the internal memory
  • [PGDR-1605] - Timestamp error on recieved group message.
  • [PGDR-1608] - New Self registration.
  • [PGDR-1609] - MAPS - show alert when gps is disabled

Fixed Bugs

  • [PGDR-1487] - Issue on server certificate update when Mutual Auth is enabled
  • [PGDR-1535] - Hide non PrivateWave numbers
  • [PGDR-1550] - Issue on saving attachments
  • [PGDR-1559] - With SSL Pinning the server certificate update it's not detected until network change
  • [PGDR-1573] - In some cases an error message is shown in chat after app restart
  • [PGDR-1592] - The preview of a sent PDF is not available (and it is not possible to open the file)
  • [PGDR-1600] - App is slow when entering in chat (non group)
  • [PGDR-1602] - Issue on refreshing maximum attachement size
  • [PGDR-1603] - Issue on deleting a contact from favourites
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