New Features

  • [PGDR-1527] - Message remote deletion
  • [PGDR-1580] - Sharing of files from OS to PrivateWave
  • [PGDR-1588] - Share GPS location
  • [PGDR-1594] - Shortcuts to chat when long pressing on PW launcher icon


  • [PGDR-1475] - After the forward of a message, the message recipient contact’s chat should be displayed
  • [PGDR-1505] - How to manage in group chat contacts with multiple phone numbers
  • [PGDR-1516] - When Mutual Auth is disabled it is better not to show at all client certificate info
  • [PGDR-1593] - Long click must be disabled during contacts selection


  • [PGDR-1549] - When deleting call history for one contact, it is shown a warning about attachment deletion
  • [PGDR-1575] - App issue when opening attached video preview
  • [PGDR-1589] - Issue on the info view of the sent message
  • [PGDR-1590] - During audio message playback, reproduction must stop when leaving the chat
  • [PGDR-1591] - Issue when the message is deleted from iOS
  • [PGDR-1595] - Sometimes chat history is not updated after the share of a file from OS
  • [PGDR-1596] - In Group Chat the text is not well positioned in messages without attachment preview
  • [PGDR-1597] - The Reply from iPhone to a message from Android is without sender number
  • [PGDR-1598] - Media gallery must be improved.
  • [PGDR-1599] - Issue on reply of remote deleted messages
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