New Features

  • [PGDR-1415] - Preview of the sent attachment
  • [PGDR-1577] - Recovery PIN string and QR code
  • [PGDR-1578] - Chat number limitations from APIs
  • [PGDR-1482] - Merge bluetooth and six digit pin.


  • [PGDR-1414] - Once you receive an attachment, you should be able to forward to another contact PrivateWave
  • [PGDR-1494] - Message text/attachment forward from/to single contact/Group Chat
  • [PGDR-1557] - Attachment export to public folder has to be reviewed
  • [PGDR-1567] - Scoped storage compatibility with Android R
  • [PGDR-1568] - The operation of abandoning the group must be confirmed by the user
  • [PGDR-1569] - After a message is sent you can see a flickering of the message box
  • [PGDR-1572] - Notifications audio volume level must be reduced in some circustances
  • [PGDR-1579] - Export of attachment has to be configured on Privateserver
  • [PGDR-1583] - Pwave must contain a privacy link even after installation wizard
  • [PGDR-1584] - New Contact Selector
  • [PGDR-1555] - Contacts icons should be grey/black when network is absent
  • [PGDR-1587] - Message expiration for groups needs to be improved

Fixed Bugs

  • [PGDR-1470] - A portrait photo taken with PW camera is shown in lanscape mode
  • [PGDR-1488] - Hangup view issue
  • [PGDR-1552] - Dark/Light mode issue on dialpad view
  • [PGDR-1560] - Call progress layout on small screen
  • [PGDR-1585] - Audio message recording stops when the displays turns off
  • [PGDR-1586] - Audio message recording issue on PIN timeout
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