• [PGDR-1480] - The notification to enable PIN in order to receive attachments should open the PIN setup view
  • [PGDR-1496] - Reply to messages in a single chat
  • [PGDR-1516] - When Mutual Auth is disabled it is better not to show at all client certificate info
  • [PGDR-1511] - When Server delete an admin in server client must manage the notification
  • [PGDR-1512] - When user account delete from server, client need to delete that user from group chat database.

Fixed Bugs

  • [PGDR-1492] - When trying to add an old client to a GroupChat the app does not work properly
  • [PGDR-1493] - Notification about "Received attachment" is persistent for single chat (not group chat)
  • [PGDR-1525] - With remote address book contact name is not shown for new call/message when app is PIN locked
  • [PGDR-1529] - Media gallery in Group Chat does not work properly
  • [PGDR-1531] - When first file in group media gallery is an iphone image (.heic or .JPG) the file is not open
  • [PGDR-1533] - Chat player of audio messages does not show filename when audio comes from iOS
  • [PGDR-1537] - Review of the group chat's system messages
  • [PGDR-1539] - Add contact icon style must be improved
  • [PGDR-1542] - Messages from server (699) remains unread in chat history
  • [PGDR-1545] - Add group contact menu not work properly with remote address book
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