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  • [IOS-1802] - In reply message (received) the white vertical row is too close to the time and green icon
  • [IOS-1809] - Add the background of Read,Receipt,Sent and etc... icon white color. in the way that can see clear by users.
  • [IOS-1811] - Attachment file name is truncated to leave space to expire date/time
  • [IOS-1804] - Change the icon of Read icon

Fixed Bugs

  • [IOS-1801] - In reply message the green/blue double checks should be beside the message not the reply
  • [IOS-1805] - When updating and clicking on message settings, it crash.
  • [IOS-1806] - search text color in white mode is white, it should be black.
  • [IOS-1808] - When Mutual Auth is enabled a "configuration missing" popup is shown before provisioning
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