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New Features


  • [IOS-1523] - Increase the number of digits of PIN code to six
  • [IOS-1703] - Implementing Forwarding GPS to group or to single number
  • [IOS-1706] - Reply View Does not support dark Mode.
  • [IOS-1708] - when there is no network and user on message view it should shows and alert that there is no network
  • [IOS-1724] - Change Reply menu from left to right
  • [IOS-1732] - Adding a button in GroupChat segment for user in order can delete or leave the group chat.
  • [IOS-1739] - when creating group chat and user has 2 number in one contact, user should be able to choose which number to add in group.

Fixed Bugs

  • [IOS-1617] - Non-privatewave telephone number must not be used for secure calls and messages
  • [IOS-1619] - "Unsecure network" error is shown when server is down
  • [IOS-1623] - It is not possible to add a contact to a group chat if it has more than one phone number
  • [IOS-1625] - Message status is shown for non-GroupChat messages
  • [IOS-1626] - ExitGroup is shown for non-GroupChat converstions
  • [IOS-1632] - Misleading alert title when client certificate is expired/revoked
  • [IOS-1634] - Message forward from Group chat to non-Group chat e viceversa is not working properly
  • [IOS-1636] - Message reply is not working
  • [IOS-1637] - The "call" button does not work
  • [IOS-1642] - The "New group chat" icon is the same as the "New message" icon
  • [IOS-1644] - GroupChat name has to be max 20 chars long
  • [IOS-1645] - Group chat removal does not work properly
  • [IOS-1699] - After PIN is enabled/disabled the settings view is not refreshed
  • [IOS-1702] - forwarding GPS doesn't work
  • [IOS-1717] - When user click in notification message of group chat to open, it should open the group chat message history
  • [IOS-1719] - When you delete a chat a warning about attachments deletion is ALWAYS shown
  • [IOS-1720] - The place holder for the "deleted message" should not permit forward or reply operations
  • [IOS-1721] - Making Reply with emoji doesn't work.
  • [IOS-1727] - When trying to add an old client to a GroupChat the app does not work properly
  • [IOS-1728] - When PIN mandatory on server, PIN setup view is not well formed
  • [IOS-1740] - When user Reply to a message it sends in XML the name of user instead of number.
  • [IOS-1751] - Wrong label in message reply in single chat
  • [IOS-1754] - When Mutual Auth is enabled the client can not easily reconnect when a node of the cluster is down
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