Since the connection activities on PrivateGSM for iOS are full automatically managed, there's no way to force the connection to the server but the application restart.

How to restart the application on iOS (you have to send the application in background by pressing Home button on the device: it's the only physic button on the front pannel)

  1. Press the Home button twice quickly to open the running application list (fig. 1)
  2. You can move left and right the list by sliding with your finger
  3. Tap and hold for about two seconds PrivateGSM icon into the list
  4. Now the application icon is shaking and has a red badge with a white minus sign on the upper left corner (fig 2)
  5. Tap on that badge to close the application (you will see the application icon fading itself out) (fig. 3)
  6. Now you can restart the application a usual
fig. 1fig. 2fig. 3
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