You can install PrivateGSM on your mobile device by sending an installation email/SMS from the web site of the product or with your PC (via Bluetooth or USB port) via AppStore for iPhone or via Google Play Store for Android. Once the installation file is downloaded the installation wizard completes the setup.

Installation via email/SMS message

The phone must have Internet access for this type of installation.

To download, install and activate the software via email/text message:

  1. Go to if you want to try PrivateGSM Professional or or to if you want to receive PrivateGSM Enterprise (PrivateServer PBX required).
  2. Read and accept the license and privacy consent terms.
  3. Select the model of your device.
  4. Select the option installation via email/SMS message.
  5. Enter your email address or mobile phone number.

Click Download to receive an installation email/text message. Click on the link in the message to download the software and launch the installation and activation procedure.


In order to activate Professional version an SMS text message will be sent to a UK PrivateWave number (UK +44). Therefore your SIM card must be enabled to send international text messages and your credit balance must be able to cover these charges.
Based on your subscription plan it is possible that you have to pay data connection fee also when dialing and receiving a secure call. Check the costs of your Internet access on the selected access point before using PrivateGSM. The customer service of your mobile operator may help you in this.

BlackBerry installation


On BlackBerry platform before installing the actual PrivateGSM application you should download and install an "installer" application that checks if you device is supported or if it could be supported after an OS upgrade (eg: Bold 9000 or Curve 8520 has by default an operative system version of 4.6.x which is not supported, but if you upgrade the OS through Desktop Manager to OS 5.x, PrivateGSM will work on these devices).

Figure 1. Click on the link
Figure 2. Open the link
Figure 3. Download installer
Figure 4. Run installer
Figure 5. Installer report


Figure 6. Download PrivateGSM
Figure 7. Acccept permission request
Figure 8. PrivateGSM starts
Figure 9. PrivateGSM icon is installed in Download folder

iPhone installation


Figure 10. Click on the link


Click on the link and install PrivateGSM from the App Store.

Android installation


Figure 11. Click on the link



Figure 12. Confirm download


PC installation

You can download the installation package of PrivateGSM to your PC and install it on your phone via Bluetooth or with an USB cable.

To download, install and activate software via PC:

  1. Open if you want to try PrivateGSM Professional or open if you want to receive PrivateGSM Enterprise (PrivateServer PBX required).
  2. Read and accept the license and privacy consent terms.
  3. Select your phone model.
  4. Select option via PC.

Click Download, save the file on your PC and install it on your phone via Bluetooth or USB cable.

BlackBerry Desktop manager

  1. Connect your phone to the PC via USB port.
  2. Unzip PrivateGSM zip archive, containing .COD and .ALX files
  3. Run Desktop Manager, connect your phone and add a new application, selecting .ALX file
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