There are three simple ways to obtain PrivateWave :

  1. Regular installation by Apple Store or Google Play
  2. By email/Text Message via Request to PrivateWave Italia S.r.l. download web site
  3. By email/Text Message via Push invitation sent by Service Operator/Administrator
Based on your subscription plan it is possible that you have to pay data connection fee also when dialing and receiving a secure call. Check the costs of your Internet access on the selected access point before using PrivateWave . The customer service of your mobile operator may help you in this.

Once the installation file is downloaded on your device you just have to launch it and installation wizard completes the setup.

Regular installation via Apple Store or Google Play

That's as easy as installing any other App on your device. Simply open Apple Store or Google Play application and use "Search" function to look for PrivateWave .

Once results are displayed you can install the edition of your choice. 

It's not possible to install PrivateWave via "BlackBerry World", so if you're using BlackBerry devices you have to choose other installation means, like the ones listed below.

In case of pushed installation link the customer has only to wait for receiving installation link and then click on it. It's up to Service Administrator/Operator to send correct installation link.

BlackBerry installation

On BlackBerry platform you download the application and accept Application Permission Request.  PrivateWave  will start with the License Info screen. After Activation is performed, you find  PrivateWave  icon in the BlackBerry applications list.

Step 1Step 2
Click on the linkOpen the link
Step 3Step 4
Download PrivateWave Accept permission request
Step 5Step 6
PrivateWave starts PrivateWave icon is installed in the application folder


iPhone installation

PrivateWave for iPhone install procedure is the standard iPhone procedure. Simply click on the SMS and download PrivateWave through iTunes 

Step 1Step 2
Click on the linkConfirm download

Android installation

PrivateWave for Android install procedure follow the standard Android procedure. Simply click on the SMS and download PrivateWave through Google Play

Step 1Step 2
Click on the linkConfirm download




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