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PrivateWave changes

PIN protection

This is one important new feature we introduce: PIN protection adds a protection layer to your privacy and opens new ways of use for PrivateWave . You can now set your 4 digits PIN so that accessing PrivateWave application would need your authorization. As always we worked on improving performances and robustness of PrivateWave .

This additional security measure  does not compromise usability: PIN is not required to answer incoming call.

PrivateServer changes

AVAYA secure trunk support

Avaya Communication Manager 5.x has been certified for secure trunks with PrivateServer : it is now possible to have a secure between mobile up to desk phones, using Avaya infrastructure.

Trunk Failover

 It is possible to configure multiple SIP trunks and let PrivateServer automatically reroute outgoing calls to one or another, if one is not currently available.

Single Sign on SAML 2.0

PrivateServer  web console can managed users authentication using SAML 2.0 identity providers, instead of local authentication.

Client's PIN in provisioning profile

PrivateServer 's administrator can configured PIN options to be applied for PrivateWave  users.

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