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  • PrivateServer - 14.2.5529
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Latest update

Release Notes

Release 14.2.5529 fixes some bugs. Despite PrivateServer carried a version of bash vulnerable to shellshock attack, due to its internal architecture, it is not possible to exploit the vulnerability remotely (eg: via HTTP access).

This version carries an upgrade to bash to fix shellshock.


  • [PS-1823] - While creating a Conference room and setting end time minor to start time in the error message there is a mistake 

  • [PS-1857] - Update expired default certificate *

  • [PS-1860] - Increase username max length to accomodate email addresses

Fixed Bugs

  • [PS-1307] - Audio Messages: Dialplan gets the wrong "Audio Tone" value when multiple Trunk are set

  • [PS-1777] - NTP service default configuration is broken

  • [PS-1850] - Error message with accented letters in login screen are rendered wrongly

  • [PS-1864] - Manual modification of account password is not applied

  • [PS-1889] - Shellshock fix

Update impact

Here are the impacts upon the update process:

from 14.2.5450: 
  • Web console will be restarted, interrupting services: 
    • web console
    • presence
    • secure messaging system

from earlier versions:

server will be rebooted

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