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Each platform let you reach the "History" list using a "clock" icon like the ones below:

Platform"History" icon

 Once you reached the global history view, you can get an overall look of the conversations (voice or messages) occurred on your PrivateGSM:

figure 1

figure 2figure 3
Global History list on BlackBerryGlobal History list on iPhoneGlobal History list on Android



Each item listed in "Global History" groups together all activities with each contact, order by reverse chronological order. Select a contact in global history to have access to contact's history.

Example of contact's history event on BlackBerry example of contact's history event on iPhone example of contact's history event on Android
figure 1.
figure 2.
figure 3.

Of course if the History item is about a call you'll read date, time and number of attempts performed by you or your party. Else, if it's about messages, you'll be able to read what your party wrote you about.

Please remember that once you read a Secure Message it starts to expire and after 15 minutes you won't be able to read its content anymore!

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