Here are descriptions of the more relevant changes in EVSS 14.0

PrivateGSM changes

Secure Messaging System 

This version introduces Secure Messages: a new feature that let our customers send each other encrypted SMS.

GUI improvements

A side effect of this new feature is that PrivateGSM user interface has been generally improved. Also there's a new section called History where all call and message events are grouped by contact's name.

PrivateServer changes

Secure Messaging System 

This is a huge upgrade in our secure communication system, because from the present version on we introduce Secure Messaging, which are Text Messages (also known as SMS) that travels on the encrypted infrastructure provided by EVSS.

This feature can be activated remotely by Service Operator.

Installation and provisioning via e-mail

It's also possible to send Installation Messages and Activation Messages via e-mail instead of SMS. This new way of delivering will come very handy for customers who uses pads and for those who live/work in countries where text messages are somehow difficult to deliver. 

Improved privacy option about client history

Service Operator can decide if history list length can be changed by users or it has fixed length. It's also possible to define how long history log list has to be and transmit such setup to clients by automatic activation provisioning.

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