Question: How can I answer a secure call when my iPhone is locked?

Answer: iOS has some constraints due to poor multi-tasking implementation. In order to be able to answer secure calls when your device is locked, you have follow this guideline.

  1. Install time: open Settings -> Notification Center -> PrivateWave, then enable option "Show on Lock Screen". We suggest you to set "Alerts" in alert style, so you will get a popup in the middle of screen.
  2. Daily usage: when PrivateWave rings due to an incoming call, you will see PrivateWave icon and notification "Incoming call from ...." on lock screen: swipe on PrivateWave notification in the upper part of your display, to unlock device and then accept incoming call.

If you swipe on iphone "slide to unlock", PrivateWave remains in background ringing and you must tap on PrivateWave icon to bring it in foreground, before being able to answer secure call