Devices in this page, along with the specified OS version, are tested and certified by PrivateWave. Other devices and/or OS versions could exhibit specific issues or may work without problems: support for device/OS specific issue is not granted and provided as best effort.

This page is periodically updated to add new devices and new OS versions.

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ManufacturerModelAndroid OS versionNotes
LGOptimus Dual2.3.4 
HTCSensation XE2.3.4 
MotorolaMilestone II2.3.4  
MotorolaMB525 - defy2.2.2 
SamsungNexus S4.0.3 
SamsungGalaxy SII2.3.3 
SamsungGalaxy Ace2.3.3 
SonyXperia Arc s2.3.4 



ModelIOS versionNotes
iPhone 3GS5.1.1 
iPhone 4


iPhone 4S5.1.1 



Devices with Blackberry OS 6.x are not and cannot be supported due to a firmware bug. Some devices (Bold 9700, Curve 9300) were released with OS 5.0 and then upgraded to OS 6.0: they are supported only with OS 5.0 and, if you bought with OS 6.x, they could be downgraded. Firmware are specific to device and mobile operator and can be download from RIM website

ModelOS version

Application Bundle

Bold 90005.01385 
Bold 97005.01111 
Bold 97907.01639 
Bold 99007.02463 
Bold 99307.01095 
Curve 85205.01682 
Curve 89005.01385 
Curve 93005.0 platform 
Curve 93607.01680 
Pearl 91005.01262 
Torch 98107.02463 
Torch 98607.02392 

Nokia S60 - 3rd & 5th edition

 ModelVoIP CSD 
Nokia 5230XX
Nokia 5320 XMXX
Nokia 5530 XMX 
Nokia 5630 XMX 
Nokia 5730 XMXX
Nokia 5800 XMXX
Nokia 5800 NavigationXX
Nokia 6110 Navigator X
Nokia 6120 Classic X
Nokia 6210 NavigatorXX
Nokia 6220 Classic X
Nokia 6700 SlideX 
Nokia 6710 NavigatorX 
Nokia 6720 ClassicX 
Nokia 6760 SlideX 
Nokia C5-00X 
Nokia E5-00X 
Nokia E51XX
Nokia E52X 
Nokia E55X 
Nokia E61iXX
Nokia E63XX
Nokia E65XX
Nokia E66XX
Nokia E71XX
Nokia E72X 
Nokia E75XX
Nokia E90 CommunicatorXX
Nokia N71 X
Nokia N73XX
Nokia N78XX
Nokia N79X 
Nokia N81XX
Nokia N82XX
Nokia N86XX
Nokia N95XX
Nokia N96XX
Nokia N97XX
Nokia N97 miniXX
Nokia X6 16GBXX
Nokia X6 32GBXX





ManufacturerModelAndroid OS versionNotes
MotorolaXoom 3G3.2 
SamsungGalaxy Tab 10.1 - P75003.2 



ModelIOS versionNotes