The present manual offers a guide to manage thethat (amongclients) composes the: the solution that ensures the safety and inviolability of voice communications on both mobile and fixed phones by offering a secure voice convergence system in a corporate network.


An installed and on-line.


The present manual is intended for a Secure VoIP Service Administrator. It explains how to manage the day-by-day procedure for:

Intended audience

This guide is intended for PBX administrators who will provide secure call service by. No specific background is needed

This manual won't explain how to install the server itself. For such knowledge please refer to theAdministration Manual.


The figures in this document are solely for illustrative purposes. They give you an idea about the essential information you are supposed to see on the screen while executing the test cases. However the layout of the screen and the details of the information may be changed in subsequent revisions of the software and these modifications are not obligatory reflected in this document. When considering whether a test case passed or not, you should relay only on the textual description of the test case.