Once completed the  installation, you can connect to the Web console to perform your preliminary setup.

configure its first NIC with the IP address and subnet mask
In order to configure the correct IP address of , you must connect your workstation (through cross-cable or network switch), to and configure the IP address of your workstation to Then you will be able to reach the administrative interface trough the web address

If you can't directly connect to the device or you have no physical access to it (this mostly occur if you are installing on a virtual machine), then you can use your console to configure the network as stated in  PSAM 2.1 Network Configuration

If your server has multiple NIC, please make sure you connect to the correct server NIC (eth0 or the first NIC).

You'll get the login request as shown in fig.1:

To gain access use the default admin login: 

login: admin

At your first access you are asked to change your password:


you'll be moved to the welcome page:



Now you can edit the network configuration following the instructions in 2.1 Network Configuration.