• [IOS-1818] - Review of message box fileds (sender, date/time)
  • [IOS-1824] - Update Privatewave project to Xcode 12
  • [IOS-1838] - In single message when user send reply or receive reply message, number or name of user who replied must be appear.
  • [IOS-1835] - adjust the delete icon button in cell

Fixed Bugs

  • [IOS-1790] - White fields on "Invite Others" function
  • [IOS-1814] - If a contact has two PW numbers, in Forward cannot choose which of the two numbers to send the message to
  • [IOS-1826] - Lack of warning for the user that the voice message recording has reached the maximum set size
  • [IOS-1828] - During the recording of messages, the app, after the timeout configured on the Server, is blocked by PIN
  • [IOS-1829] - During audio message playback, reproduction must stop when leaving the chat
  • [IOS-1833] - Issue on reply when contact has two phone numbers
  • [IOS-1834] - In Group Chat when replying, the name of the contact of the original message is not displayed.
  • [IOS-1836] - When you delete the call history for a contact, an alert is shown about the deletion of the attachment
  • [IOS-1837] - In Group Chat the "Status" does not appear in sent Reply messages
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