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  • PrivateGSM Android 11.3.3433

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Release Notes

Bug fixes and small improvements.

PrivateGSM - All Edition - Version 11.3.3433

Fixed Bugs

  • [PGDR-689] - Ringing time out was mistakenly set to 8 seconds instead of one minute. On the caller side this error produced a call drop after 8 seconds, on the callee side it led to a pointless continued ringing even with no call to answer to.
  • [PGDR-695] - We encountered a connection issue on PrivateGSM: after a licence renewal the device would not automatically reconnect to its PrivateServer.
  • [PGDR-707] - PrivateGSM didn't reset the loudspeaker state after a call has been closed. Before this release if the loudspeaker was enabled during a call, then the loudspeaker would start enabled on the next call as well.