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  • PrivateGSM iPhone 11.3.2029

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Release Notes

This release fixes a nasty issue about the presence. Also a patch has been release for the Professional version sent a wrong invitation sms.

PrivateGSM - All Editions - Version 11.3.2029

Fixed Bugs

  • [IOS-750] - After the log files were sent by email, the keyboard insisted in staying on the screen even if PGSM received a call.
  • [IOS-758] - Presence didn't always refresh the contact's status after calling a "red signed" one.
  • [IOS-735] - UNICODE spaces often prevented PrivateGSM's Presence to work

PrivateGSM - Professional - Version 11.3.2029

Fixed Bugs

  • [IOS-755] - Invitation SMS uses wrong parameters