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Navigate to the Setup/Identity1 page, login tab:

  • Set Account, Authentication Username and password with the correct data that you have.
  • Set Registrar with the IP Address (or DNS) of Server Sip.
  • Set Outbound Proxy in this form : ‘sips:ip_of_the_srv(or dns):5061’

Goto in the Setup/Identity1 page, SIP tab:

  • Set Support Broken registrar to ON. 
  • DTMF via SIP Info set to ON.
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Step 3Step 4

Goto in the Setup/Identity1 page, RTP tab:

  • Set RTP Encryption to ON.
  • Set SRTP Auth-tag to AES-32.
  • Set RTP/SAVP to Mandatory.
  • Set Packet Size to 20ms.
  • Set Media Transport Offer to UDP.

Goto in the Certificates:

  • Enable the server identity check in TLS connection by pushing the "TLS" button in "Unknown Certificates".
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Advanced Configuration of the SNOM 300/320: