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Latest update

Release Notes

This release adds a new device amongst the supported ones: Samsung Galaxy Note II. It also improves the Nexus S support. A better call log management is introduced and some bug fixes are in, as well.

PrivateGSM - All editions - Version 11.2.3218

New Features

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  • [PGDR-562] - If a securecall is received during a GSM or SECURE call, the called device will show a missed call

Fixed Bugs

  • [PGDR-537] - Multiple entries for the same phone number aren't shown anymore in the contact list.
  • [PGDR-549] - Nexus S loses WiFi connectivity when put near the face.
  • [PGDR-558] - Galaxy Note2 does not power-on screen when proximity sensors changes its status.
  • [PGDR-567] - If the user select the favorites (or known) contact list in "Dial secure call" screen, then the same list is showed when selecting "Invite others".

Known Issues