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Latest update

Release Notes

The current release aims to improve the user's experience and to fix a bunch of bugs as well. Now the application runs smoother and is more stable.

PrivateGSM - All editions - Version 11.2.3163

New Features

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Fixed Bugs

  • [PGDR-425] - PrivateGSM reconnects even if asked to go offline.
  • [PGDR-506] - A contact with name prefix field (Mister, Mr, etc) is not properly ordered in the contact list.
  • [PGDR-520] - "Favourites" contact list uses the wrong sort order.
  • [PGDR-524] - PrivateGSM doesn't restart automatically when the mobile reboots, even if the "Autostart PrivateGSM" flag is checked.
  • [PGDR-527] - In-Call does not show the "Trust" menu item.
  • [PGDR-529] - The "Invite" feature in PGSM Professional sends a broken SMS.
  • [PGDR-531] - Some chars are not correctly handled in the research of the "Favourites".

Known Issues