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PrivateGSM has to be running and your devices has to be connected to the Internet to receive a secure call. When an incoming secure call arrives to the device a notification will be shown on display. If you accept the notification PrivateGSM will be brought on foreground and in a few seconds, depending on type of network and security level, it will be possible to start speaking securely.

A secure call has a ring tone other than a standard call.

Receive a secure call on BlackBerry

SubtitleTextAccept the secure call by pressing the DIAL button
AnchorNamebb accept call 1


Receive a secure call on iPhone

On iPhone platform you have to confirm twice to accept an incoming call, due to constraints imposed by current versions of operation system.

In order to receive secure call, you need to enable the system notification (please refer to your device user manual on how to set it up). You can chose between banner (Fig. 1) and pop-up (Fig. 2) notification stile.

When a call arrives, you have to activate the application by accepting the notification. After the application is brought to the foreground you will be able to accept or refuse incoming call. Until you decide what to do your calling partner will hear a ringing tone.


SubtitleTextBanner style notification
AnchorNameiphone incoming call 1
SubtitleTextPop-up style notification
AnchorNameiphone incoming call 2
SubtitleTextTap on Accept
AnchorNameiphone incoming call 3

Receive a secure call on Android

SubtitleTextPress the Accept button
AnchorNameandr incoming call 1