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20 22.10

Enterprise Voice Security Suite


Biometric authentication

It is possible to create groups to exchange messages with multiple contacts at the same time. The messages are always encrypted end-to-end.

The creator of the group becomes the administrator who can add new users or get users out of the group. Members of the group may leave the group on their own.

Apple CallKit

The Privatewave client for iOS is now integrated with Apple libraries to manage incoming calls. You no longer need to unlock your phone via Touchid or Faceid but simply swipe it like a normal call.

Six digit PIN

To increase security the PIN to unlock the application is now 6 digits long.

Message Reply

It is possible to reply to a message by quoting the text of the message to which it responds.

Geo-location sharing

You can share your location as a secure message attachment

Remote deletion of Secure Messages

It is possible to delete a message already sent in the chat. Other users will no longer see the content of the message removed but a "Message removed" placeholder.

iOS/Android Dark Mode

Support to new dark theme on iOS and Android 10.log in to the application by face or fingerprint recognition in addition to the numeric PIN

Remote wipe

It is now possible to remotely wipe all app data in case of phone loss

Update notification

The application shows an alert when an update is available on the app store

Image rotation

You can rotate images before sending them

One-click history deletion

You can delete all your message and call history with a single click

Last access visualization

The application shows the date and time of the last access made by the user in order to detect possible abusive accesses

PrivateServer Changes

Asterisk 16 LTS

Upgrade of Asterisk PBX to version 16.9.0 LTS

Malicious SIP request protection

Protection against malicious SIP requests sent by attackers has been enhanced

HTTPS DDoS attack mitigation

Protection against HTTPS DDoS attack has been enhanced