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17.2 Account info. The User can optionally register a phone number for use with PrivateWave. If the User registers his their phone number, it is used exclusively to provide the Service and get the User in touch with other PrivateWave users.


17.4 Contacts. The User can optionally provide his their phone's contact list to PrivateWave. The contacts are cryptographically hashed and transmitted to the server and are used only to determine which contacts are PrivateWave users. The user's contact list is not stored in our server in any way and is not shared with any third party.
17.5. The user's contact list is not stored in our server in any way and is not shared with any third party.

17.5 Location data. The User can transmit the coordinates of their current geographic location to their contacts if and only if they provide the PrivateWave application with permissions to access the location information. The coordinates are transmitted in end-to-end encrypted form and are used to display the user's location on the map. The transmitted coordinates are anonymized and do not contain any data that can personally identify the user. Thanks to the end-to-end encryption, it is not possible for the PrivateWave server to trace the location of the user.

17.6. The personal data are provided for the following purposes:


(b) for statistical purposes and for the transmission of advertising materials, including by e-mail.

17.67. Data are processed for the purposes set out above both by automated and non-automated means for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are gathered. Specific security measures are observed to prevent data loss, unlawful or incorrect uses and unauthorized access.

17.78. Granting of personal data by the User is optional. However, denial by the User to grant his their personal data for the purposes specified in Article 17.56. para. (a) will entail the impossibility for the User to enter into the License. On the other hand, the User’s denial to grant his their personal data for the purposes specified in Article17.56., para. (b) will have no consequence with regard to conclusion of the License.

17.89. The data controller is PrivateWave Italia S.r.l., with office at Milan, Via Gaetano Giardino 1

17.910. The personal data granted to PrivateWave  will  be  disclosed  exclusively  to  the individuals expressly designed by the data controller to be in charge of the data processing and holding posts within the company structure qualifying them for the execution of the activities necessary to correctly manage the relationship with the User within the scope of the specified purposes.

17.1011. The personal data processed by PrivateWave will not be disclosed or sold to any third

17.1112. The data subjects may at any time exercise their rights under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, and particularly the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or absence of any data concerning said data subject and the right to have such data corrected, integrated or cancelled, by sending a specific request to PrivateWave Italia S.r.l. or by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address