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  • PSOM 2.0 Configuration of Sip Trunks

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SubtitleTextchoose the default outbound trunk
AnchorNamechoose default outbound



To choose the default Trunk you just need to click on the "BLOCKED" tag and then you can use the drop down menu as in 

AnchorNamechoose default outbound


If no Inbound Trunk has been configured, then the drop-down menu is empty.

Once you're done you can press the "Update" button to confirm your choice. You return to the "Dialling Rule List" page and this time the "Default Outbound" option is set to the trunk you choose.

2.3.2 Create Outbound routing by dialling rules

If your need is to set up a distinct ruleThe Outbound Trunks can also be selected by dialling a prefix. If you need to create conditional routing rules for Outbound calls, then you need to use the lower section of the "Dialling Rule List" page (cfr. 

AnchorNamebasic outbound view


2.3.2 Read Outbound routing by dialling rules