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I need to install a custom Certificate Authority on a Blackberry mobile phone.


 First you need both your mobile device and a laptop/desktop computer. On the latter please be sure that BlackBerry Desktop Software is installed on your pc

  1. Ask for CA certificate in DER format (binary, generally file has extension .CER), or convert from PEM format (see 2)
  2. Copy the certificate to the phone SD using the USB cable
  3. Open "Files" application, under "Applications" folder
  4. Find the certificate file under "My files" → "Media Card"
  5. Select the certificate file and select "Import Certificate" under Blackberry Menu
  6. Insert the keystore password (if any, otherwise insert a new password) and import the certificate
  7. [OS 5] Be sure that the new imported certificate is listed under "Option" → "Security Options" → "Advanced Security Options" → "Certificates"
  8. [OS 7] Be sure that the new imported certificate is listed under "Option" → "Security" → "Advanced Security Settings" → "Certificates"
  1. OpenSSL application: OpenSSLOpenSSL Binary Distributions
  2. Certificate formats conversion:
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