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  1. JavaLoader.exe (Windows version)
  2. javaloader (Mac OS X version)

Eventlog: what is it?

Blackberry devices have a system console where low level informations can be stored for debugging purposes. It is sometimes useful to gather this log to diagnose specific issues.

Extract eventlog on your device

  1. On device, while keeping pressed ALT key, press keys L G L G
  2. Eventlog viewer is shown on display
  3. Push blackberry key and select menu item "Copy Day's Contents"
  4. Copy "All" events of day
  5. Compose an email and paste into it the copied content

Extract eventlog using your workstation

  1. On your windows workstation load the attached file and prepare yourself one terminal to execute it
  2. Use your mobile and try to send us your logs again (you should fail)
  3. Connect your mobile on your workstation via USB
  4. In the terminal type and launch: "javaloader eventlog > eventlog.txt" (no quotes)
  5. Now eventlog.txt carries the logs we need to read, so you can examine it and if you're fine with the information it enclose then you can send it to us for processing.
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