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PrivateWave, configured under BES, does not connect to PrivateServer


By default, Blackberry Enterprise Server does not let applications to open SSL sockets on ports other than HTTPS (TCP/443)


If device rights allow it, configure PrivateWave to use Direct TCP transport instead of BES


While using Blackberry software with BES 5 it may be required to modify the BES MDS (mobile data service) component to allow connections to SIP/TLS servers and work properly.
Information on fixing the issue, depending on the BES software version are reported below:
The modifications require to go:
  • MDS Connection Service
  • Edit Component
  • Select TLS
    • set to true "allow untrusted server" or "allow untrusted HTTPS/TLS"
    • add a regexp pattern .*://.*(:\d*)?(/.*)*(\?.*)?
    • if this is not enough, also change on device the setting "Options > Security > TLS -> TLS default" to "Handheld"

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