During a secure call the following information is displayed by PrivateGSM:

  • key exchange status at the beginning of the call;
  • connection quality.

Call status

To establish a call PrivateGSM completes three phases shown by three icons:

Call status icons

Red light

Starting the connection

Connection not yet established. This step may take several seconds

Yellow light

ZRTP-edition ONLY

Key exchange

Connection established but encryption keys are being exchanged.

Green light

Secure call established

Connection established and secure. You can now speak securely

Call quality level

Some factors of the mobile network (i.e.: GPRS use, poor signal, frequent radio cell changes, roaming) could decrease the audio quality of the call, increasing voice delay. Three variants of the call status icon shows the current call quality level.

Call quality level icons

Poor connection quality

Average connection quality

Good connection quality


If the connection quality remains poor we suggest you to seek for better network coverage or connect to broadband Wi-Fi access point.


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