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PrivateWave will automatically connect to secure VoIP server in the background each time you turn on your phone. When an Internet connection is available, you can:

  • Start PrivateWave application.
  • Receive and dial secure calls.

On Android and BlackBerry devices it is possible to disable auto-start feature. It is not possible to disable it on iPhone devices.

To make a secure call the called party must have PrivateWave running on his phone and be connected to the Internet as well!

Start PrivateWave on BlackBerry

To start PrivateWave select PrivateWave icon in the application menu.

All other application functions are accessible from the PrivateWave menu. 

To open PrivateWave menu on BlackBerry, select PrivateWave icon:

Step 1Step 2
Blackberry OS 7 PrivateWave starts

Start PrivateWave on iPhone

All application functions are accessible from PrivateWave main UI.

Step 1Step 2
PrivateWave icon PrivateWave starts

Start PrivateWave on Android

To Start PrivateWave from within Android just tap on PrivateWave icon

Step 1Step 2
Tap on PrivateWave iconThe PrivateWave menu appears

Click Back button or Home button to return the application to the background.



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