Used for
Specified by
SIPsignalingRFC 3261
HTTP Digest auth.authentication of SIP clientsRFC 2617
SIP over TCPSIP over connected socketsRFC 5626
SIP rportSIP symmetric response routingRFC 3581
Session timersSIP session timersRFC 4028
TLS v1.0encrypting transport layer of signalingRFC 2246
SDPdescribing properties of the audio streamRFC 4566
SDP offer/answeroffer/answer model with SDPRFC 3264
RTPpacking audio dataRFC 3550
SRTPencrypting audio packetsRFC 3711
SDEScryptographic key exchange over SDPRFC 4568
AMRaudio codec3GPP S26
AMR over RTPsending AMR packets over RTP payloadRFC 4867
HTTPlicensing and provisioningRFC 2616
HTTPSHTTP over encrypted TLS channelRFC 2818
AES-256 in SRTPUse of AES-192 and AES-256 in SRTPRFC 6188
ZRTPKey agreement protocolRFC 6189
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