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PrivateGSM is a mobile encryption software to make secure call using your own smartphone, within a corporate network adopting the Enterprise VoIP Security Suite .

PrivateGSM does not change the normal use of mobile phones: it can be activated and hided in the background, or even turned off and started when needed. You can continue to use your mobile phone for traditional phone calls without any change.

The very use of PrivateGSM "secure" calls, was designed not to change the experience of normal usage, in order to make easy to access an advanced technology through a very user -friendly interface.
The quality of secure calls is equal to the normal calls one.

Behind an interface so simple to use, it hides a highly sophisticated operating technology, based on industry standard encryption technologies, already recognized as a standard also for Government Security.


We invite you to download and evaluate the trial version of PrivateGSM Professional for free. You can try yourself how it is simple and quick to make phone calls in total confidentiality.

You can download PrivateGSM directly on your mobile phone. For 15 days, you can make and receive secure calls without any commitment. Once the trial version is expired, as far as it remains installed on your mobile phone, you will be able to receive secure calls (Receive Only mode).

You can try PrivateGSM Professional on Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry, Androidfor 15 days you can use it for free.

Before downloading the software, we suggest you to verify that your mobile is supported and that all the requirements are fulfilled. 

Download PrivateGSM Professional on your Mobile


Note: PrivateGSM Enterprise product testing require the installation of a dedicated PrivateServer


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